Working without using Excel is like hammering a nail with a noodle!

24 Hour Online Training with 8 sessions of 3 hours each.

Upcoming Batch: 14th Sep to 24th Sep (Mon-Thu Only)

Fees - Rs. 3,999/-

***100% Money Back Guarantee***

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The nature of jobs has drastically changed. For most business functions it's all about data and its analysis and no surprises, most of that analysis happens in Excel !

We can't stress it enough, be it marketing, accounting, HR or finance, strong Excel skills are required to be successful in your career.

Increase your Efficiency and Productivity

Analyze data and present

it like a pro

Create a great impression with dashboards

Need for Excel skills



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Course Highlights

Microsoft Certified Excel Expert as faculty

Live online instructor led training

Learn on real-life datasets and examples

Learn to create powerful dynamic dashboards

Course Curriculum

Basic Excel Crash Course

- Introduction to Excel Interface - Font Formatting & Alignment Tools - Number Formatting Options - Navigation Shortcuts - Lists in Excel & Creating Custom Lists - Sorting & Filtering - Conditional Formatting - Format Painter - Alt Key Custom Shortcut Creation - Table's & Importance of Tables

Dashboards with Power BI

- Creating a Coronavirus Dashboard for India from Scratch - Creating a Bank Dashboard from Scratch - Understanding visual interactivity - Understanding different filters available in Power BI - Analysing Dashboards to get key insights from your data

Pivot Tables

- Understanding the importance of PT - Inserting a Pivot Table - Understanding Field List Contents - Using Pivot Tables to Analyse Data - Formatting in Pivot Tables - Grouping of Data - Slicers - Timelines - Interactivity of Slicers

Data Visualization - Charts

- Selecting the correct chart for your data - Bar & Column Charts - Line Chart - Pie & Donut Chart - Scatter Plots - Histogram & Pareto Charts - Waterfall Chart - Heat Maps & Sparklines - Dynamic Dropdown Charts (Advanced) - Dynamic Spin Button Charts (Advanced)

Basic to Advanced Formulas

- Understanding when to use what formula - Mathematical Formulas (5 Formulas) - Logical Operators (7 Formulas) - Statistical Formulas (12 Formulas) - Conditional Formulas (6 Formulas) - Look Up Formulas (HLookUp & VLookUp) - Index Match - Financial Formulas (4 Formulas) - Types of common errors and their solutions

What should you expect on completion?

E-Certificate that improves your resume

Detailed notes for future reference

High quality work that can be showcased in interviews

Course Instructor

Student Feedback

Prof. Jatan Shah

Microsoft Certified Excel Expert

Bharat Shah

Managing Director

Wirecom India Pvt. Ltd.

Excellent Course!


Jatan has very good knowledge.


I am 64 years old, but I enjoyed learning by his simplicity, concept repeatability and good command on language.

The practical material was very much helpful.

The course is 100% value for money and the time dedicated by the team is quite reasonable for price.


More people will be joining this course from our corporate team.


What is the course format?

It is a live online instructor led course. That means you will be taught live on an online classrom where you can interact with the instructor and solve your doubts on the spot.

How does the moneyback guarantee work?

The moneyback guarantee is a no questions asked full refund provided two conditions are met: 1. You attend all the sessions of the course and complete all assignments. 2. You are unhappy with the course and ask for a refund within 24 hours of course completion. You need ask for a refund by emailing us on info@leapup.in

What if I miss a lecture due to unavoidable circumstances?

In such a case we will try to help you by providing you with the recording of the lecture you missed. However we cannot guarantee that the instructor will spend extra time in the next class to get you up to speed.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for anyone above the age of 15 years including but not limited to: - Students from all fields - Working professionals - Entrprenuers - Etc.

Do I need a windows laptop to attend this course?

No. All sections except Power BI section can be applied on Mac OS as well. However, Microsoft hasn't made Power BI available to Mac OS. Thus the bonus module on Power BI requires the student to have a laptop/pc running windows os to be able to practice what is taught otherwise they can learn but practice later on once they get their hands on a windows laptop/pc.

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