Financial Modelling and Valuation

Financial Modelling & Valuation is the most desired skill for any core finance profile. Whether looking to work in Investment Banking, Equity Research, Venture Capital or any major finance Domain, Financial Modelling is a pre-requisite skill.

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Date: 14th September, 2021

Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM


What will you learn?

Who should learn Financial Modelling?

Financial Modeling and Valuation would enable the young undergrads to explore Financial Analysis in detail and get clarity regarding their future interests.

Financial Modeling and Valuation is one of the core skills required to pursue a career in Finance. Having it in your portfolio increases the likelihood of you landing a core finance profile drastically.

As this course majorly revolves around Excel for analysis, and includes a lot of concepts taught theoretically in MBA courses, any MBA candidate pursuing the course would highly benefit from its practicality.

This course is the exact practical application of the CFA and FRM curriculum as it includes some of its extensively covered valuation models and analytical insights. Combining these professional degrees with Financial Modeling and Valuation as a skill would highly increase the employability of the candidates.

As the demand for CA/CS in the Finance Industry is increasing rapidly, acquiring Financial Modelling and Valuation as a skill would increase their chances of being eligible for a highly lucrative job.

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Mr. Ronak Gala, MBA (NMIMS) Mumbai