Dharavi Diary, A Diary of New Tomorrow

Dharavi – famous as one of the world’s largest slum is currently having 4000 leather manufacturing units and an annual turnover of $1billion (according to World Economic Forum).

And for the children, it’s not just a slum but a world of resources to fulfil their dreams.

A wing to these dreams was initiated in 2012 by Mr. Ranjan. With the belief of bringing the education system in a way that not only reflects academics, but also a philosophy of making your own path rather than following what has been followed in past. With the motive to establish these values, Dharavi Diary was introduced.

The center at Naya Nagar has created the upcoming innovators of India. For the students, this center is a place more than an academic programme. Initially started with 15 girls and now having a reach of 200 students is an extensive achievement in itself. Topics like English, Math, Science through Experiments, Computer Applications and basic coding are covered.

With a motive and inspiration to solve a series of problems faced in Dharavi, the girls there have started launching their own apps on Google Play Store (using MIT app Inventor, an open source developing tool).

This small centre is home for many untold groundbreakers, as the focus is largely on girls because of obvious problems they face in terms of menstruation trouble, lack of toilets and the way lower-income group households ponder. Redefining these issues, the Dharavi Diary has also formed a small group named “Tech Girls of Dharavi”

The ideas behind the innovations and their functions are as follows:

From the challenge of explaining the need of education to families and arranging funds to setting up a captivating center, Mr. Ranjan has been thriving. There are also some contemporary issues faced by the center in terms of lack of space and continuous mentorship.

Even Though there are hurdles and complications, but, Mr Ranjan’s strong belief of “giving the underprivileged communities the tools to create their own life’’ is what Dharavi Diary talks about.

This blog post is inspired from an article on Quartz India written by Ananya Bhattacharya.

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